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About Infrastructure

Shri Gurukul School City Building : The City school building is the oldest on campus and consists of fifteen classrooms, two mass lecture halls, Computer Lab, Career counseling and guidance cell, Resource centre, Main lobby, Administrative offices and laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology.

 The  school building has gone through various additions and upgradations, making it one of the biggest buildings on campus. The  school has Secenteen classrooms, which could be extended upto eighty four when needed, four lecture halls, central library, infirmary (Sick Room), laboratories for computers, Mathematics, Geography, languages, quizzing, etiquettes and a proposed central mess with a capacity to accommodate 1000 students.  play area, montessori laboratory, mini theatre and smart classes to infuse curiosity in young minds.


Library: The new resource centre cum library has a collection of a wide range of around five thousand books from across the world. The library is equipped with audio visual technology and internet facility which help the students and the teachers make the sessions highly interactive and collaborative. It also has a small theatre for dramatics and  presentation of research work.


Science Laboratories: The school has Composite Chemistry, Biology and a hi-tech Physics laboratory. The laboratories have additional class rooms with audio visual technology.


Mathematics Laboratory: This laboratory focuses on the practical approach to the theorems and principles of Mathematics. It is furnished with the latest equipments and Mathematics software.


Robotics Laboratory: To give our students an edge, we introduced Robotics Laboratory in our school, wherein we provide them experiential learning by exposing them to robotics and its related technology through lectures, workshops, competitions, etc wherein they learn artificial intelligence, mechanicals, programming of the Arduino board, etc.


Computer Laboratories: The school has computer laboratories equipped with 100 computers, smart boards and projectors to make learning experience better.  The school has a tie-up with Mylestone Digital  as a content partner to make the curriculum more effective and productive.


Language Laboratory: This is a hi- tech laboratory with computers, recorders and individual head phones which help the students with the process of direct learning, helping students improve upon their  pronunciation in English language. The school has a tie up with Busuu English laboratory for content.


Geography Laboratory:  The laboratory provides learning through practical knowledge and has modern geographical resources with a collection of CDs, minerals, metallic ores and rocks. This laboratory plays a pivotal role in the learning of Geography.


Quizzing Laboratory: The quizzing laboratory is specially established to make students aware of national, international current affairs and general knowledge. It has the latest software and is equipped with the facility of conducting quizzes with the digital remote access answering machine system.


Lecture Halls: These have been designed in European seating arrangements, are spacious and equipped with computers, overhead projectors and a very efficient PA system.

Training Hall:  The school has an audio visual and PA system equipped conference hall where students are trained for MUN. This also provides online and offline research facilities to the students. Regular workshops are conducted here by various successful persons of the country.


Smart Class: Classrooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art interactive touch screen panels. The school has a tie-up with TATA Class Edge for content.


Career Counseling and Guidance Cell: The school has a career counseling and guidance Centre which has a database about  national and international colleges and universities. The Centre also has a software which records the students’ profiles and guides towards avenues best suited for them.


Etiquette Laboratory: The school has developed an etiquette laboratory where different aspects of grooming are taught which help in enhancing the personality of students.


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