Welcome To Shri Gurukul Higher Secondary School
Extra Curricular Activities

Cricket: The school has standard cricket ground. We host  Club matches every year. The school has produced good players in the past and hopes to continue to do the same in the future.


Football: The school has a football ground where we host numerous tournaments through out the year including division football tournament. The school football team wins various tournaments regularly.


Badminton: The school has a badminton court in the sports complex. The school team performs well in this racquet and shuttle game.

400m Running Track: The school has built state-of-the-art running track of 400m. We are one of the few schools in city to provide infrastructure for athletics.


Chess: The school has a hall were we conduct chess tournament with the latest software. We know that playing chess keeps the mind sharp, keeping this in mind chess is compulsory for all junior classes. The school team has consistently performed well at all levels also district level tournament have taken place in our school.


Skating Track: Keeping alive our standard and our tradition of giving our students the best of the facilities, we have recently introduced Skating Track in our school.


Other Sports: The school also has facilities and regular classes for billiards, gymnastics, yoga, judo, karate, taekwondo, kudo, handball, throwball and netball. Recreational activities out spring the creativity of a student in the most productive manner. We provide the latest facilities for various art-forms to give students opportunities and add wings to their creativity.

Dance: The school has state of the art dance rooms, with qualified and experienced trainers for classical and Western Dance. The school profoundly believes in inculcating rich cultural values among all the  students. Adhering to the same, the school hosts a number of activities throughout the year. The dance groups regularly win awards at different level. The school also helps students to get certified qualifications in dance while they are in school itself.


Instrumental Music: The school has music studio with qualified trainers for various music instruments. The orchestra group attunes together and exhibits its talent in all school functions.


Vocal Music: The school has a music studio for vocal training with all the necessary equipment. The students can also enroll for a degree in vocal music while still in school.


Dramatics Studio: The school have dramatics studios and a tie-up with Winners Society and Theater actors working in Mumbai for the dramatics taking classes/ sessions time  to time.


Art Studio: The school has a huge art studio with a sitting capacity for forty students. The specialized instructors of different art forms train students and help them participate in national level events. The students can also qualify for certification in various art forms.


Craft Studio: The craft studio gives students an opportunity to think outside the box with freedom to explore thereby channelizing their creativity.

 Adventure Park: This is under process as per military park.

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